Portable Paperback – A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine

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This spiritual guide to the self is a handbook of tazkiyah or ‘self-purification’. Not only does it illustrate the maladies of the human spiritual condition, it recognises the struggles and insecurities we all succumb to from time to time, and offers up the remedies too.

This paperback is light, compact and easily transportable. Something for yourself or a special other, embossed in gold foil on the front and back covers.

3 reviews for Portable Paperback – A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine

  1. A.H

    A guide book on spiritual diseases and what you can do to be better your self as a a Muslim Inshallah . It’s truly a book that everyone can benefit from . It’s a perfect gift to yourself or to a loved one ! I took my time reading it making sure I self reflect – this book has helped on realising what I need to work on and also the importance of self purification.

  2. Wahida

    Excellent book and very happy with my purchase Alhumdulillah. Would recommend to all, it’s clear, concise and very easy to understand.

  3. MI

    Fantastic book mashaAllah; one that every Muslim who’s serious about wanting to purify his/her heart must own. A great addition to Purification of the Heart. I am very pleased with the product (I got the ebook), and would highly recommend the book to my family and friends.

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